Future in Demise?

The 49ers are a dynasty. They have been one ever since Bill Walsh took them to their first Super Bowl. Ever since then, it has been victory after victory after victory with a few defeats in between. Bill Walsh had a way of keeping the team on top. He let old players go, a little early to allow the team to adjust to the chemistry of the younger player. This chemistry was key in the change over from Joe Montana to Steve Young. This was a system that worked, and shouldn't have been messed with. Only it was, and it's to late to turn back now. After Bill Walsh departed and George Seifert stepped up, it was a whole new philosophy. Let the players grow old, experience is key. It worked for some time. Long enough to win Seifert two Super Bowls and allow him to attain the highest winning percentage ever.

However the concern among the fans, the team, and the front office is quite evident, and it has been for quite some time. What happens when there is no more Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Tim McDonald, Merton Hanks, Ken Norton Jr. and Lee Woodall. Sure some of these players still have a while to go, but the 49ers need to start thinking future. It's especially hard with Free agency, but it must be done. The 49ers have already seen the likes of Brent Jones and Gary Plummer retire, and they had to scavenge to find replacements.

How can this be prevented in the future? Well the back to Walsh basics theme, seems to be taking a positive effect for the future. The signing of former California head coach Steve Mariucci to run the 49ers was just the start. After a year of maintaining Seifert's team, Mariucci had, had enough. When this off-season came rolling around, he went for young and versatile player, who could keep up with the 90s form of football.

It doesn't end there. Mariucci is still installing his version of the West Coast offense that has plays in it that haven't been seen since the Walsh era. The theme continues. With Eddie Debartlo in serious legal trouble he stepped aside from the operations of the 49ers and let his sister Denise York assume the ownership. Fortunately he is working on recovering the team rightfully his. Oddly though, he is supposedly considering the expulsion of Carmen Policy a long time front office member, who has been a key in the signing of players and restructuring contracts to make room under the salary cap. Policy's replacement would be none other then Bill Walsh, and Joe Montana could become a part owner in the 49ers. This however is only speculation. There is no conformation of this occurring, and if it were to happen, it would be after this season.

So calm down all you worried fans. The 49ers are learning from their past mistakes, and are already taking action to correct their problems. The 49ers are going to do a ton of rebuilding over the next to years. Then they will most likely keep adding depth. They no what they need to do, and they will most likely be able to do it while staying on the top.

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