In Economics They Call It Deflation--11/01/01
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The 49ers just lost, and everything I read, every 49ers fan I speak to, itís all negative. The 49ers canít, wonít, arenít, shouldnít, should have, done this or that. But letís take a moment to be realistic people. The 49ers are 4-2. Thatís there best start in several years. The team is contending.

This past week, everyone seems to have a deflated view of the 49ers. But really did we expect them to only lose one game this season? The team is doing an excellent job, really, even after losing a game that they had a crushing lead in. Should we be a little irked? Of course, but really, are the 49ers not meeting your expectations this season.

Itís time to re-inflate the balloon. All this negative talk is sure to get to the 49ers heads, even though theyíll all claim not to read the paper. This team is young and progressing, and will get better. Right now they are learning how to deal with winning, and really itís harder to deal with than losing.

This team needs our support. And really they havenít done anything to prompt us turning our backs on them. The best teams in the league benefit from playing with a good home crowds, itís the twelfth man on the field concept, and itís our support that can make a difference.

Our receivers will drop passes, our quarterbacks throw interceptions, our running backs fumble, and our offensive line will miss blocks. Our defensive line will be held sackless at times, our linebackers will miss tackles and our defensive backs may pass interfereÖ but itís all part of the game, and we should appreciate how far this team has come.

The 49ers are a good team. Last season they were the team opponents beat upon. This team they are beating the teams that are in the same place they were last year. By the end of the season, the 49ers should be beating other good teams, but itís a progression, and we must realize that. Our support will help this team, deflating on them is not the answer. Where your 49ers Pride on your sleeves, and donít let a mistake or two, or even a loss waiver your support.

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