Defensive Plan- 01/10/2000
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I'm about to tell a little 49ers secret, so don't tell anyone ok? The 49ers defense stunk this year, and the 49ers have dedicated this year's off-season to get it back in shape. Ok, so it's not a news flash; however, it does raise some interesting concepts. Where should the team begin? Does the answer involve getting all new players, an all-defensive draft, or a change in the coaching strategy?

Truth is the 49ers could use some help in all of the above areas. It isn't necessary to completely interchange every defensive player on the roster, but the 9ers would definitely benefit from a couple of corners, a solid defensive end and a linebacker. Whether those players come from the draft or free agency is yet to be determined, but my gut feeling is saying draft.

What about Jim Mora Jr. though, is he the problem. Mora has been with the team since he was a defensive backs coach. Now the defensive coordinator, Mora seems to have had some trouble getting the defense in shape the past two seasons. There are believed to be two reasons for the failure, but I will propose a third. Most people believe the 49ers simply lack the talent to stop any potent offense in the league. The corners are two short, the linebackers are so slow, and are the two Bryant's the only defensive linemen on the team. The lack of talent is obvious but the coaching staff further compounds the problem.

The problem may be with Jim Mora; he could simply not be ready to call a defensive game. More likely so it could be that the 49ers don't have the defensive coaching staff to support the team since Pete Caroll left and Mora moved up a position. The lack of coaches to help harness a player’s talent is more likely the problem that the 49ers are faced with. Thus a proposal to get the coaching staff prepared for the infusion of talent to come shortly.

Two former 49ers defensive coordinators, Pete Caroll and Ray Rhodes, have been fired from their head coaching jobs, and the 49ers could most certainly use their help to re-establish the defense that was once rated tops in the league. Both Caroll and Rhodes would be a huge use to the team, either or both could act in a co-defensive coordinator position, further tutoring Jim Mora and giving Mora more time to work with the defensive backs that the 49ers will most likely sign to replace those currently on the roster; meanwhile Mora and or Caroll could work on some innovative strategies and focus the team on getting back to where it used to be.

The 49ers need help on defense, and it's quite clear the answer isn't one or the other. The 49ers need players, and some help on the coaching staff. A good place to start would be with either or both of the two former head coaches.
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