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Deese Is One Of Three
September 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The only 49ers offensive lineman on the 49ers current roster that was on the team for itís last Super Bowl victory in 1994-95 season, Derrick Deese is regarded very highly by the coaching staff. And while some fans believe Deese is the weak link to the offensive line, his tenure with the club, and versatility state otherwise.

Deese is one of only three offensive linemen currently playing in the NFL who have played all five positions of the offensive line. The other two are Mike Compton currently with the Patriots and Everett Lindsay currently a Viking.

That there are so few players who have achieved this feat is pretty significant - but that Derrick Deese is one of those men, isnít much of a surprise. Deese has made his living with the 49ers because heís been able to step in where they have needed him on the offensive line. His willingness to adapt, and his athletic ability have allowed him to reach heights with the 49esr that he may not have been able to achieve on a different team.

The 49ers have always encouraged versatility along their offensive line. Fellow starting lineman Dave Fiore is also among the most versatile offensive lineman in the league. The athletic and versatile offensive line philosophy can be attributed to the late, and legendary offensive line coach for the 49ers, Bob McKittrick.

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