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Deese To Return
December 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Starting left tackle Derrick Deese is set to return to the 49ers offensive line this weekend against Green Bay. Deese has missed one game due to a lingering ankle injury, last week.

The 49ers expect Deese to be a big factor on the offensive line, particularly in helping to get the running game going, against one of the leagues worst rush defending teams. The Packers however, are expecting to return the mammoth Gilbert Brown to their defensive line, which could bolster their rush defense.

Brown typically lines up on the same side as Deese, but will be over guard Eric Heitmann (if he plays with a broken hand), or Matt Willig (if Heitmann can’t play). Deese’s assignment will be to single up on defensive end, Von Holiday, allowing the 49ers to get extra support on the immense Brown.

In the playoffs last year, Gilbert Brown and the rest of the Packers defensive line absolutely manhandled the 49ers offensive line. This year, the team will likely run behind Ron Stone and Scott Gragg, the bigger side of their line. To do so they will likely try and trap the defensive line to open up some holes for a set of running backs that are very banged up. Deese return could prove instrumental in dissecting the Packers defensive scheme.

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