Gone Are The Days- 09/22/2000
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The days of the great 49ers vs Cowboys bouts are most certainly over. Not only are both teams struggling, but the meaning of the game is far less significant now that it isn't "The Real Super Bowl". Gone are the days when these two teams would meet annually in the NFC West Championship, when there were more pro-bowl calibre players on the same field than in any other games.

That's right, the likes of Steve Young, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, John Taylor, Leon Lett, Charles Haley, Dana Stubblefield, Chris Doleman, Steve Wallace, Gary Plummer and many others. The list goes on and on, with Jerry Rice and Troy Aikman not far behind the others. One constant though will be Ken Norton Jr. who even after all these years lives to play his former team. Earlier this week Norton was quoted saying "it might take a Dallas [game] just to get this thing [his back] feeling good again. With Dallas coming up, it might take this to be my breakout game. So I'm looking forward to it." At least somebody still knows what this game is all about.

This weeks game will not be like the past, but the rivalry is still there, and everyone should be watching. The game will be a good test for the 49ers, which coming off a performance at St. Louis think they may have improved. There would be no better time for the team to step up its performance than against the nemesis Cowboys.

Rookies a plenty will be all over the field for both teams. The 49ers in particular are likely to go with about as many new talents as last week. The team is looking to finally come together and function as a unit. For that to happen, the corners and defensive line are going to need to help each other out. Meanwhile the offense will have to put up some big numbers as the defense comes together.

The 49ers may not be loaded with the players that once were heart and soul of this team, but the rivalry is still present, especially amongst the fans. The new players will probably notice the hatred quickly and all should resume normalcy. That is of course, except for the teams records.
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