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More Aggressive Defensive Packages
June 3 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Thanks to Dana Stubblefield, the 49ers expect to have a more aggressive defense this coming season. Early this off-season, Stubblefield took it upon himself to call every defensive player and tell them to get back into the 49ers facility so they could all condition together. The atypical action left quite an impression on the players and the coaches of the team. But when it’s all said and done, it should make for a better defense.

With rent in the area typically astronomically high, players generally return to their hometowns for the off-season. Stubblefield however wouldn’t hear that as an excuse from the players. And so the defensive squad reported day in and day out to the teams head quarters, training for the coming season.

Jim Mora took advantage of having so many players in attendance too. He held film study sessions, and meetings. He helped the squad build camaraderie. All in all, he had the opportunity to educate. And so he did.

Mora began implementing more complex schemes. He taught the unit new plays, techniques and practice maneuvers to be used this coming season. He worked individually with players, and with units as a whole, focusing specifically on improving the pass rush that was so meager last season.

Both the players and Mora feel that time was well spent. Not only are they all closer now, but they have a much greater understanding of the defense now. They’ve been able to make it more complex, and overall feel that it will be significantly better than last season.

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