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Special Teams Reactions
December 9 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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You want to talk ugly? You want to know why the 49ers canít be happy with the 49ers latest victory? Try the special teams, which in a wordÖ were awful. Special teams coach Bruce DeHaven could easily have dashed his head coaching or coordinator aspirations with his squadís latest performance.

Two missed field goals, a blocked punt, a fumbled kickoff return and an 89-yard touchdown return. That pretty much summed up the ugliest day of special teams I can remember for the 49ers who have changed both their kickers, their holder, and are barely able to find enough healthy bodies to take the field in the coverage units.

There was worse news though, as returner Jimmy Williams who leads the league in punt returns injured his MCL. Williams will undergo a MRI this week to determine the extent of the damage, but itís not likely Williams will be active for the game against the Packers this weekend. Cedrick Wilson took Williams place on punt returns, and Jamal Robertson did a good job on kick off returns, including one key return late in the game.

It was one of the ugliest performances Iíve ever seen from a special teams unit, and one the 49ers wonít ever want to relive. Jeff Chandler obviously isnít the answer at kicker the 49ers thought he would be when they drafted him in the fourth round, and as the playoffs tick close one really has to wonder what Jamie Rheem, who the 49ers released this off-season, is up to.

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