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49ers Begin Cuts
May 9 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers are already gearing up for training camp, and unlike in years past, this season the team wants to take as few players into camp as possible. The team made a point of only bringing in undrafted free agents who had a chance of making the team this year. The coaching staff wants to spend as little time evaluating players as possible, and as much time implementing new plays, schemes and coaching the players it believes will be a part of the 2002-3 roster.

The 49ers have already begun to trim down their roster with two cuts this week. Both linebacker Zach Grady from Jackson state and wide receiver Scott Lipford from Rowan college were released earlier this week. They were likely just the first of many to follow.

After the teamís first mini-camp, there was some speculation that among trimming down some of the undrafted free agents on the roster before training camp, that the team could cut one of its quarterbacks and kickers before the start of training camp.

With the 49ers already cutting down their roster, itís pretty clear that they want their training camp to be all about business. The team finally has the foundation in place to be a consistently good team, strong training camps and good off-season go along ways to becoming a consistently great team.

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