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Donít Cut Me Game
August 30 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers final pre-season game featured far more depth players than it did starting players, Jamal Robertsonís 100+ yard performance was evidence of this, as was the three-four defense the 49ers ran because of not having enough defensive lineman playing in the game.

The team was hoping that the depth players would make their cut down job easier. Slipping here and there, making a mistake or too - but with a 27-3 victory, the exact opposite was shown to the team.

The players reduced penalties to only 6, which is still a little high but not drastically out of hand, considering that the starting talent spent most of the time on the bench. But players fighting for roster spots only gave the 49ers reasons to keep them on the team, rather than cut them.

On offense for example, the battle for a roster spot between James Jordan and Jamal Robertson resulted in two great performances. The two play different positions, receiver and running back, but are likely vying for one final offensive starting spot. Jordan caught a touchdown pass, and didnít drop a ball that came his way. He recorded 5 receptions for 62 yards. Robertson had 112 yards on 21 touches.

The battle at linebacker was huge too. Brandon Moore and Frank Strong lead the way, but Quincy Stewart and Cleveland Pinkney were making big plays too. The bunch are likely fighting for one, possibly but unlikely two roster spots. All of these players made some big plays out of the three-four defense last night.

Instead of players making mistakes, players were making plays, which is good news, but it will certainly make the jobs of the coaching and management that much more difficult, as the team begins its cut down to 53 players.

Further - Cade McNown underwent season ending surgery yesterday and will be placed on the injured reserve.

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