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Cut Down Day
August 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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As the 49ers get ready to return to Santa Clara on Thursday, two important dates are looming. By August 27th every NFL team must cut their roster down from eighty, to sixty-five. September 1st is a similar date where teams will have to have their 53 man roster ready to go.

The 49ers should have a relatively easy time cutting the roster down to sixty-five. The team knows all of its starting players already, and most of the backup positions are filled. The few spots that remain high in competition, like place-kicker, punter, sixth running back, fifth receiver, fourth and fifth cornerbacks are manned by players who arenít exactly on the outside looking in. There are few wild cards, as most are players that have been expected to make the sixty-five man roster all off-season.

The roster trim down has already commenced but will begin to get serious once the team has broken camp. It will be the trim down to fifty-three though that will be the difficult one. Donít expect any ground breaking released by the twenty-seventh, rather expect the expected.

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