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Cota Signs
August 15 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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After three days of speculation the 49ers finally signed Chad Cota. The veteran safety has already moved into the number four safety slot that has been vacated as a result of injuries to Al Blades and Kevin Curtis, and because of the slow progress John Keith is making towards a comeback.

Cota signed a one year $650 000 contract that will only count $450 000 against the cap because of the new veteran salary cap rule. Because he has no singing bonus, he could be released without penalty if the 49ers happen to have more faith in Blades or Keith sometime before they have to cut one or both of them.

Still Cota looks like a sure thing at this point to make the roster. He hasnít leap-frogged Ronnie Heard yet, but if he learns the defense quick enough, he could. Certainly talent is not the issue.

Cota is a hard hitting safety who has played with the Panthers, Saints and most recently the Colts. He is quite familiar with the coaching staff having played with Brett Maxie, the defensive backfield coach.

The 49er received news that Kevin Curtis could miss his entire rookie season as the PCL ligament in the knee was also damaged as the MCL torn. Curtis has been placed on the injured reserve.

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