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Cortez Silently Scores
October 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Jose Cortez had been under a lot of scrutiny after a rough end to the 2001 season. The 49ers were prompted to draft kicker Jeff Chandler, who has been in-active all season long. The fourth round pick now seems to be an expensive insurance policy.

While Cortezí leg hasnít been all that impressive on kickoffs, he has built a rather good season on two missed field goals in the season opener. It was after this poor start, that Cortezí season took off.

Connecting on a season long 45 yard kick on Sunday, Cortez connected on his 12th consecutive field goal, one greater than his perfect 11-0 start last season. While luck will eventually end for Cortez, he certainly has silenced critics.

When Cortez streak ends, it will be looked down upon, and he will once again be criticized. Itís important however, to see how Cortez will answer such criticisms before the team makes any rash decisions.

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