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49ers Believe Cortez May Be Fixed
June 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The place kicking competition has been a hot topic this off-season. Jeff Chandler, Jose Cortez and Jamie Rheem are clouting it out for a chance to make the 49ers roster. All three appear deadlocked in a tie.

Jose Cortez started last season with eleven consecutive field goals. The 49ers had thought they had a real find in Cortez. That was of course, until Cortez began having his kicks fly wide or get blocked. The 49ers spent some of the off-season working on Cortezís mechanics to prevent that from happening again.

The tutorial seems to have paid off. By making a slight adjustment to how he approached the ball, Cortez was able to improve the take off height of his kicks. Nevertheless, he continues to have a hard time hording off the two challengers for his position - both of whom likely have a stronger kick off leg. This battle, is only getting started.

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