Corners- 09/16/99
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The 49ers suffered deeply last Sunday, and part of the reason for it was that the corners were picked apart. Mark Brunell had a field day throwing to open man after open man. Granted this was only one contributor to the 49ers brutal style of play, but it is glaring because it will be attacked and it is one of the hardest problems to overcome. So what are the options?

The 49ers managed to get a hold of Craig Newsome a 6 foot corner who was formerly a first round pick. Newsome would add size to the defensive backfield and possible some skill. Playing Newsome may stop other teams from attacking both sides of the field, there by allowing the safeties to cheat to the opposite corner.

If the 49ers choose to turn over the corner position completely, RW McQuarters will be ready. McQuarters has improved in every game he has played in. Last week he was responsible for fumbling a kick off return, but that hardly has to do with the corner position. McQuarters will likely get a chance, the only question is how soon?

The 49ers may survive with small corners but not if they don't alter their tactics. The corners were playing off the whole game allowing the opposition to pick them apart. What the 49ers need to do is get in the other teams face, mix it up a little, some zone, some bump and run and a bit of playing off the ball. They key is to be agressive, and thus far, the 9ers haven't been.
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