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Summer Time Off? Hardly.
June 7 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Most of the 49ers players departed on Thursday to begin their summer. Some will still be regulars at the 49ers facility, trying to get the extra film sessions in, and in taking advantage of the available resources - but for the most part, the hallways of the Santa Clara buildings will be filled with executives and coaches only for the next month. While this is considered a down period, thereís still plenty of work to be done.

The coaches will begin to take a serious look at the players that have been in attendance this off-season. They will consider how many players at each position they want to keep on their roster, and how the current depth chart stands. They may also make a few cuts before training camp, particularly at kicker and quarterback. When all that is done, they will join the scouting department and General Manger Terry Donahue who will have been trying to find a free agent or two, that could potentially make the teamís roster.

The coaching staff will also be refining the training camp schedule. They will consider the best ways to install new offensive and defensive plays for the players who are already comfortable with the basics, and the best ways to teach the rest of the team the philosophies behind the 49ers schemes.

The summer break will still be action packed. While few players will be around the facility, the coaching and front office staff will be plenty busy between now and the start of camp.

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