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Compensation Announced
April 2 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Every year, at about this time, usually a little earlier - actually, the head honcho's of the NFL gather together, and pour over data from the past season. Using a complex formula involving a free agent loss analysis, time played, salary lost and received, post-season awards and of course a dart board, the NFL Executives determine what teams will receive additional draft picks in the coming year. The draft picks are generally given to allow teams - who had trouble re-signing its own players, due to salary cap troubles and the wonderful world of free agency, a chance to restore some of its lost talent.

Typically the NFL keeps the formula it uses for such compenation locked up in a vault somewhere. For whatever reason - perhaps to prevent teams from factoring in compensation picks when considering a players future; the NFL does not disclose the exact method it uses to assign the picks. According to the NFL rules, no pick can be assigned higher than after the last 'real' pick of the third round. Not every team receives said picks, and those that do rarely receive a pick as high as the third round.

The 49ers were fortunate enough to receive three such picks for their losses last season. The team now has 9 selection in the draft, including the 172nd (37th in 5th round), 253rd (39th in 7th round), and the 259th (46th in 7th round). Although the three picks are all on the second day, they due offer the team some relief. The additional picks will allow the 49ers more freedom to move around in the draft - or at the very least give the 49ers a few more options at quantity if not quality.

The 49ers have often made good use of lower end picks. Most recently the signing of tight end Eric Johnson, a seventh round pick last season Johnson has become an integral part of the season. The 49ers now have a few more options and should make good use of the extra picks regardless of how they use them.

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