Comings and Goings- 02/23/2000
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The 49ers have released many players over the past month in cost cutting manouvers, coupled with the restructuring of roughly eight contracts, the 9ers are only about 4.5 million dollars under the cap (pior to the signing of Junior Bryant).

Jerry Rice holds the key to the salary cap in his contract, ironically Rice only will unlock the door if he sees signs of the team looking to improve, but for the 49ers to better themseleves they will need to sign at least one free agent- something that is virtually impossible to do without the salary cap relief Rice can provide.

The 49ers do not want to stand by and watch, they want to improve for next seaon, and providing they find the salary cap room they will sign free agents in conjuntion with the drafted players. One area of possibility is at defensive end an area the 49ers suffered in ast season. Keith McKenzie is a possibility here. McKenzie, the Packers sack leader last season has already been in for a visit. The 49ers would like to sign McKenzie but don't have the cap room. McKenzie also likes the idea of being the starter on the 9ers.

The 49ers could also pursue a defensive back or linebacker. Both these poitions are areas of concern thanks to last season's dismal defensive showing. First thing is first though, the 9ers and Jerry Rice need to work out a new deal. If they can't, than it is possible Rice may have played his last game, and the 49ers may be ready to move on without one of the greatest players in the history of football.
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