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49ers To Comb Free Agent List
June 4 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Now that NFL has made the releases of June 1st official, the 49ers front office can get to work. The team has been anxiously a waiting this latest increase in talent of the free agent pool. It is quite likely that the team will bring in a number of players from an assortment of positions for workouts. The 49ers will look for a gem or two, but may settle for entering the season under the NFL salary cap.

Adding a receiver remains a priority, and there are some good ones out there. Wille Jackson, Antonio Freeman and Keenan McArderll are just some of what free agency has to offer.

Along the offensive line the team is still looking at Blake Brockermeyer as a small possibility, while the team may express some interest in tackle John Fina.

There have been some rumors floating around the internet that the 49ers would be interested in bringing back someone like Eric Davis or Lee Woodall to the team. These however remain unsubstantiated.

The 49ers did make one signing already though. Receiver Corey Brown who spent last season injured with the Falcons has signed on, but is not expected to make the teams final roster.

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