Cold Weather Football--10/30/01
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Itís that time of year again. In many places across North America, the leaves on trees are changing colours, and falling to the ground. The air is becoming crisp, and in the morning you can see your breath. Really, football weather is now upon us. While in California the effects are not nearly as apparent as in Green Bay or Chicago for that matter, it still seems like there is something to be said about football weather.

Thereís nothing better than playing a game of football in cool weather, heck it even brightens the mood when snow begins to fall. The weather brings football back to the smash mouth style it was founded on, where teams run hard, and in many cases just try to hold on to the ball. Itís really a different game than what is seen in the Southern states.

The 49ers, for one reason or another wont have to play a real game of cold weather football this regular season. Whether thatís a good thing or a bad thing, remains to be seen. On paper, the 49ers actually appear to have a strong cold weather team. Jeff Garcia played ball up North, and for much of his career, played with a glove on his throwing hand. Garcia knows cold. The team also has players like Hearst and Barlow that can carry the load if the 49ers resort to a rushing offense. These guys, with the blocking of the offensive line could effectively move the ball. Along with this, the team has several players, including Bryant Young and Lance Schulters that are from cold weather states. These guys would probably thrive in the cold weather.

So although the 49ers donít play a cold weather game in regular season this year, there is reason to believe that if they did, they would have a very good chance of success. Should the team make the playoffs this season, in all likelihood they would have to travel to Chicago or Green Bay. Either of these games would bring out the cold side of the 49ers.

Living up in the Great White North, Iím a big fan of playing in the cold weather, and in the snow for that matter. Itís my favourite way to play the game, and something you should all try to do if you ever have the opportunity.

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