Coaching Tree - 06/20/99
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It seems like everywhere you look in the NFL you see former 49er front office personnel holding high positions around the league. It really is no wonder. Bill Walsh created the offence that most teams run today; thus it only makes sense to hire staff who are well versed and trained by the master himself. It doesn't stop there however, George Seifert also has a large share of his former staff spread around the league. Seifert was a defensive mastermind and similarly to the Walsh concept, teams want what they know works.

To take a look at the coaching tree that the 49ers have spread around the league is something nobody should pass up. That is why I have attempted to gather the most up to date record of this sorts. Some of the coaches spread around the league have been on staff with Walsh, Seifert and even Mariucci, and now have taken there leave. It would make sense to begin with Bill Walsh. Branching out from Walsh there is Carman Policy (Cleveland), Dwight Clark (Cleveland), Mike White (Raiders), Mike Shanahan (Denver) and lastly George Seifert (formerly with the 9ers, now in Carolina).

From Seifert there are still more. Marc Trestman (Arizona), Matt Cavanaugh (Arizona), Dennis Green (Minnesota), Ray Rhodes (Green Bay), Mike Holmgren (Seattle). The next step actually comes out from Mike Holmgren. The weird part about this is that the 49ers current coach, Steve Mariucci was actually one of Holmgren's understudies.

From Mike Holmgren comes Steve Mariucci (49ers) and Fritz Shurmur (Seattle). Even though Mariucci has been with the 49ers for only a very short time, he already has a list of coaches who have been snatched up from underneath him. Jim Mora Jr. (Carolina), Vinny Cerrato, Joe Collins (Cleveland), Pete Carroll (New England), John Marshall (49ers) and Marty Morhinweg (49ers but was with Packers working under Mariucci).

There is obviously a high demand for former 49ers executives and the reasoning behind it is quite simple. The 49ers have shown they know how to win for two decades. Their run of 5 championships was unprecedented; however it all comes down to the fact that everyone in the 49ers organization is trained to be the absolute best, from players to coaches. For proof of this, simply count the amount of Super Bowl rings the aforementioned head coaches have credit too. Walsh (3), Seifert (2), Holmgren (2), Shanahan (2), and soon to be more.
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