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Best Practice Yet
September 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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On Wednesday, Mooch told the press that the 49ers had just held their best practice since returning to the Santa Clara headquarters. This of course is great news after the 49ers struggled in week one against the Giants - and considering they have a very tough opponent this week in the Broncos.

The team was very intense and played at a high level in practice. The precision displayed in practice was a vast difference than the execution of their play in the first game of the season. It sounds as if the 49ers are finally getting in sync, something that they were unable to achieve in the off-season.

One great part about the practice was that Jim Flanigan and Saleem Rasheed both returned to the field and played well. Jeff Ulbrich practiced too, but is not confident in his knee yet. Flanigan and Rasheed has been improved to probable.

The 49ers need to improve over last week if they intend to beat a tough Bronco team. The first step to do that is solid practices, which apparently the team has now been able to produce. The return of depth players like Flanigan and Rasheed are also important to how much success the team has - because of their ability to give the starting players a bit of time to catch their breath over the course of a game.

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