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Special Teams Reactions
November 11 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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As much as Iíd like to say this group is improving, they arenít. The team is constantly forced to kick the ball short because they canít wrap up the kick returner. As far as special teams go, thatís pathetic. The 49ers coverage teams have struggled all season, and this week was no different despite having John Keith and Paul Smith back helping out.

Williams did nothing special on his returns, and Kyle Kosier, the offensive lineman got his hands on one return, which was predictably unimpressive.

Jose Cortez missed a 45 yard field goal as it bounced off the left upright. His third miss in two games will once again prompt conversation about whether the team should bench him in favor or rookie Jeff Chandler.

Punter Jason Baker received extensive play time with three attempts. Baker averaged only 33.7 yards on punts, but in his defense, nailed on inside the twenty.

I really donít know what it is with the special teams. Maybe itís the rash of injuries, maybe itís the coaching, Iím not sure, but this group is clearly the weakest the 49ers have had to offer in recent memory.

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