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November 11 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The game had all the makings of a shoot out. Two high powered offenses, two struggling defenses, and an over under line of more than 50 points. For the first half of football, it seemed like that’s what we’d be getting. At half time, the score 17-10 for the 49ers, who had nearly a ten minute lead in time of possession, were perfect on third down conversions and if not for some bonehead play calling at the end of the quarter, that score could have had an even greater differential.

Despite the 49ers offense holding onto the ball for over 38 minutes this week, it was up to the defense to win this game, and they did just that. The defense gave up only 3 points in the second half to a highly explosive offense. While the 49ers were shut out in the second half because of Jose Cortez’ third missed field goal in two weeks.

The game came down to a Julian Peterson batted football on fourth down that stifled the Chiefs from being able to put more points on the board. With one minute left, Steve Mariucci instructed the team to kneel out the clock.

This game was far from pretty. The miscues were there, and a lack of concentration was certainly evident in the entire team at the end of the second half. The team was only assessed three penalties, and did get lucky that a touchdown was called back, and a 44 yard run was also called back for the Chiefs. Another potential touchdown went through a Chief receiver’s hands. An ugly win, but certainly a welcome one as the 49ers get ready for what could be the toughest challenge of the year, visiting the Chargers next week.

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