No Chicken Dance: No Problem --11/28/01
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Free safety Zack Bronson got his starting spot this season when second year safety John Keith was lost for the season during the pre-season due to injury. While no one likes the idea of an injured player, just about all 49ers fans like the idea of Zack Bronson starting at free safety for the 49ers. He may not know how to do the Chicken Dance made infamous by his predecessor Merton Hanks, but Bronson certainly knows how to make big plays.

One are that is often over looked on the 49ers is the safety position. For years now, going back to Lott, McDonald and Hanks, the 49ers have had an extremely strong group of safeties. Heading into this season, the team knew Lance Schulters would occupy one of the safety positions. Bronson or Keith were to have the other, and the team felt whoever lost this battle would be in good company with Ronnie Heard who also played extremely well last season. The 49ers were so pleased with their safety position heading into the season; they were implementing an third safety for nickel and dime packages rather than a defensive back. Not a bad thought, but when Keith got injured the 49ers lost that luxury.

Zack Bronson the most veteran player in the 49ers defensive backfield had no problem stepping in for Keith. Starting Bronson meant moving Schulters to the strong position, but neither the 49ers nor Schulters were concerned with this as Schulters had played both positions in the past. The results have been rather remarkable. Bronson brings a vast knowledge of football onto the field with him, playing along side him is like having a coach on the field, and that is something nearly every team wants.

Bronson along with the development of the second year defensive backs Ahmed Plummer and Jason Webster have solidified the 49ers defensive backfield. And Bronson is making big play after big play. Just last week against the Colts, Bronson intercepted a pass and ran it back for his second touchdown of the year. He is also recovered a fumble. The amazing part is though, it was just a typical day for Bronson.

You want see Bronson doing the Chicken Dance, but by all means, he does deserve the spotlight. Bronson has been a very strong addition for the 49ers and has played excellently throughout the season. With the 49ers getting ready to take on the Bills this week, you better believe Bronson will want to follow up with another great game. The way he has been playing recently, I donít doubt that he will do it.

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