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Check Mate?
March 8th 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
I consider, the 49ers front office, for the most part, to consist of shome highly intelligent people. Both business minded and football minded, this unique group is usually quite good at getting what they want, and getting people to do what they want. It's for that reason that I highly applauded the 49ers failure to announce the terms of Zack Bronson's contract. I saw an advantage to negotiations with Schulters, in the event that he wouldn't know what contract Bronson and the 49ers had already worked out.

So now I'm quite puzzled. The 49ers have revealed that Bronson's contract - that came with a $2 million signing bonus, is worth $10.5 million. I simply can't understand why the 49ers wouldn't wait until they knew Schulters was status before disclosing this information. At the very least it wont help them sign Schulters, and will give him more bargaining power.

Did Schulters win this one; or have the 49ers simply given up? Either could be the case. Perhaps the 49ers are caving and willing to offer him the big money. On the other hand, maybe the 49ers have come to a realization that they wont be able to compete for Schulters on the open market. Regardless of which scenario plays out, the disclosure of Bronson's contract simply seems like poor business.

I simply can't undestand how a group of such smart people could make such an error. I suspect in the next few days, perhaps as early as next week, we will discover if Schulters is to be a part of the 49ers future, or if the 49ers and Schulters are destined to be apart. I personally hope the 49ers can return Schulters to the defensive backfield - and look back to last season, when the 49ers could have worked something out long term, before Schulters gained the right to control his own destiny.

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