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Coaching Reactions
August 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers coaching staff played this game extremely smart. They rested a whole bunch of players, making sure that they are healthy for the opener. They also only let their starting teams play a very minimal amount of time, again to keep them healthy. Most of this group has already started preparing for the season opener a week today.

The coaching staff had the team prepared very well. Penalties were improved at only 6 during the entire game. But there is still room for improvement here, especially on special teams. Still it was nice to see the team keep their heads in the entire game.

Players looking to find their ways on to the roster, played to the best of their ability. The 49ers coaching staff will have some hard decisions to make to get the roster down to 65, and this is due in large part to their motivation to the palyers.

The coaching staff kept the team healthy, focused, and completely dismantled the Chargers. It was the perfect way to end a somewhat questionable pre-season. They really had their team prepared for this one, and itís impossible to mark them down on any account here.

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