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Chandler Would Get Attention
August 22 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Place Kicker Jeff Chandler could likely find a home pretty easily if he loses the place kicking job to Jose Cortez this off-season. The 49ers continue to state that the competition is close, but to the fans it appears Cortez is the better kicker. The 49ers may try and save face even if Chandler doesn’t win the kicking job because of the fourth round pick and large signing bonus the team has invested in him.

Already the Jacksonville Jaguars have expressed interest in the rookie kicker. Jacksonville is having a rather difficult time finding a dependable kicker this summer.

Chandler has done an adequate job kicking the ball this summer, but Jose Cortez has been more impressive on both kickoffs and field goals. This competition continues to be one of the most heated in training camp and the 49ers are not about to make this decision any time soon.

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