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Cornerbacks Make Jump
September 20 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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After suffering through an onslaught in the opening game of the season, cornerbacks Jason Webster and Mike Rumph drastically improved in the team’s second game of the season. Of course, it helped that the Broncos ran for over 200 yards, but both Rumph and Webster made some plays and in general defended the pass quite well.

As the team is prepares for the Redskins and later the Rams, they will need dependable play from all of their cornerbacks in order to triumph. And so, this Sunday, Rumph and Webster will both be tested early and often, and their performance in this game, provided Steve Spurrier goes to the pass as much as his offense normally would - will be a good indicator as to the improvement of both these players since the Giants’ game.

Jason Webster is a veteran of the game, and has played extremely well in the past. The team has little doubt that he will bring at least, as good a performance as last year, and possibly an even better performance as he shifts to the slot position on some occasions.

Rookie Mike Rumph is the ‘x’ factor in the 49ers offense. The team believes he can be a real asset in the defensive backfield. Rumph has shown some flashes of being able to make the big plays, and be a solid defender. This game will likely be Rumph’s biggest test of his young pro career, but the Rams’ game which follows will be even more trying.

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