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Cornerbacks Play Great Game
November 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Starting cornerbacks Jason Webster and Ahmed Plummer had one of their best performances against the Chiefs this past weekend. The play of the two cornerbacks was largely responsible for holding Trent Green to one of his worst performances of the season.

The Chiefs gained just 193 yards through the air. While 193 yards is a fairly good performance, itís certainly below par for the leagueís leading offense. Green completed less than 50% of his passes, and did not complete a pass longer than 24 yards.

Amazingly 134 passing yards were gained by one receiver, Eddie Kennison, but Kennison was matched up against rookie Mike Rumph for most of the day. Rumph has been subject to exploitation all season long, and he can be more effective if he plays up on the receiver as opposed to giving them a cushion. His development is coming a long, but at a slower pace than that of Plummerís and Websterís in their first year of the 49ers, because he sees less action on the field - allowing him to play up on a receiver could really help in this area, as could curling a safety to help him in coverage as the 49ers did on the Chiefs final series.

Websterís and Plummerís performance was one of the best the two have put together. The result was stifling an explosive offense. With the Chiefs having a hard time with the pass, their rushing suffered too, gaining just 80 yards.

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