Collective Bargainin Agreement --06/13/01
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In recent negotiations between the NFL, and the NFLPA the two sides came to some new arrangements regarding their collective bargaining agreement. The new contract stipulates that there will be no players strike between now and 2007 allowing the NFL to continue providing fans with the sport that we have all grown to love. The new agreements rules will take place starting 2002 and end in 2007 a salary cap free year. The new agreement has some other exciting changes in it too.

Perhaps the most important change to the collective bargaining agreements is the new rule regarding the payment of veterans. The new method is designed to make signing veteran players, and keeping long term players easier to handle against the cap. Although minimum base salaries will increase, as should be expected, players with 10-years of experience are due to make the minimum salary of $750 000, although only $450 000 would be subject to the salary cap. The rest of the money would come from a league wide pool designed specifically for this purpose.

One of they key's to arriving at the new agreement was both sides coming to terms with veteran players becoming an 'endangered species'. Under the new rule, designed not circumvent the salary cap, but rather as a new method to account for the salary cap, it becomes much easier to sign veterans - as the salary cap will continue to increase on a year to year basis.

The Sporting News reported that "minimum salaries will increase to $225,000 for rookies, and will go up to $300,000, $375,000 and $450,000 in subsequent seasons. A $525,000 minimum will apply through six seasons, with players in their seventh through ninth years guaranteed $650,000. For 10 years or more of service, the minimum will be $750,000."

The new agreement will bring the NFL to twenty consecutive years of un-strike interrupted football. It also extends two years past the NFL's television contract, giving the league some leverage in negotiations with the networks.

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