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This and That
June 8 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Andre Carter has been a hot topic this off-season. The second year player came on strong towards the end of last season, and has looked great in practice so far. Carter has apparently gained some weight and should bring substantially more pressure coming off the edge, than was seen last season.

Tony Parrish looks to be fitting in nicely too. Although Parrish still needs to work on some of his assignments, he looks very fast out there. The team didnít realize how much faster he was than Schulters until they saw him in camp. He should match up very nicely with Bronson for the starting safety spot.

At backup safety, Ronnie Heard and Kevin Curtis look like they may be the front runners. Heard has made good strides from last season, and the 49ers are very impressed with the way Curtis hits. Still itís tough to discount John Keith who won the position last season, and the consistent Al Blades who rarely makes a mistake.

Cederic Wilson has looked quite good in mini-camp taking over for Tai Streets. The 49ers believe he could be a threat returning kicks too.

Jonas Lewis has agreed to a one year contract.

Thatís pretty much Ďthis and thatí for now.

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