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Carter Shows Inside Move
August 27 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Considering that Andre Carter is now entering his second year with the 49ers, and heís had time to adjust to the NFL, many are predicting him to break out this season and have a big year. As such he is one player who Iíve been focusing on during pre-season. Until the Raiders game, I wasnít overly impressed.

Yes Carter looked about as good as he did last year, maybe a little better, and that was certainly encouraging. But what bothered me is that he seemed one dimensional in his pass rush - only able to speed rush to the outside. This of course makes life much easier for any offensive tackle who studies game film on him.

What I saw against the Raiders, was a few different inside rush moves. He recorded a sack and a forced fumble in the game. In looking to improve upon his team leading six sack, rookie season, Carter will need all of his outside and inside moves in order to be a success.

Itís important that players in the NFL not to establish certain tendencies. The opposition is usually smart enough to pick up on the tendencies and take advantage of them. Carterís best chance of getting to the quarterback and making plays is by keeping the offensive line guessing. Having the ability to rush inside or outside is a good start in doing just that.

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