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Carmazzi Time Running out
May 26 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Former third round draft pick, quarterback Giovanni Carmazzi may be watching his 49ers clock tick down to zero. The quarterback who was once pitched as the future leader of the 49ers, has suffered through a slew of injuries that have kept him off the field. Unfortunately for Carmazzi, his injuries have allowed Tim Ratty to move ahead of him on the depth chart - and may also allow Brandon Doman and Aaron Garcia to do so also.

Steve Mariucci had really hoped Carmazzi would be able to begin throwing with the team at this mini-camp; but Carmazzi, who began throwing again in February, does not have the strength back in his arm to sustain throwing for a long period. The athletic quarterback really wants to be a part of the team, and is very comfortable with footwork, fundamentals and playbook with the 49ers. He just wishes he could show that to the team.

Carmazzi was given a cortisone shot this mini-camp to help alleviate the discomfort. It helped, but not enough. The team expects him to take another one before next camp. Carmazziís rotator cuff injury has been worsened by three bulging disks in his neck. Certainly adding to the pain already present.

Carmazzi is hoping he can contribute to the team starting July 20th, the opening of training camp - but he may not last on the roster that long. The 49ers are likely going to trim down the quarterback position prior to then. If Carmazzi is fortunate enough to survive until then, thereís the slim possibility that he could either make the roster, or that the team will once again put him on the injured reserve list. If that would happen, the 49ers would be faced with another tough decision at the spot next season.

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