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Injury Settlement For Carmazzi Soon
June 27 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers are still working on an injury settlement for Giovanni Carmazzi, but an announcement regarding his future, or lack there of, with the team is expected within the next week. The settlement will leave the 49ers with just four quarterbacks on their training camp roster, a number way down from the seven they had on the roster at one point this off-season.

Carmazziís injury settlement has been prolonged, this because his injury occurred over-seas he played for the NFL Europe. Because his injury did not occur with the 49ers, itís the NFLE Doctors who have jurisdiction regarding his recovery process. The 49ers and Carmazzi both must find out from these doctors if and when they expect Carmazzi back before a settlement can be reached.

With Carmazzi having one foot out the door it really opens the door for Tim Ratty, Cade McNown and Brandon Doman. Each of those quarterbacks will strut their stuff this off-season, hoping to show the 49ers the right amount of progress and ability to stick with the team throughout the season. Although itís very unlikely, it is still possible that the 49ers retain all four quarterbacks for their active roster.

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