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Carmazzi, One and A Half Feet Out The Door
July 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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In a follow up to ongoing reports, Giovanni Carmazzi and the 49ers are very close to arranging an injury settlement that will effectively end Carmazzi’s tenure with the club. The announcement is expected to come as early as next week, as Carmazzi and his agent go over the settlement proposed by the 49ers.

Carmazzi’s imminent release will leave the 49ers with just four quarterbacks on the roster. Three less than they had at one point. Remaining will be Jeff Garcia, Tim Ratty, Brandon Doman and Cade McNown. The opening of training camp will be the first day that McNown takes the field with the 49ers.

For those of you “keeping score” Cade McNown is currently listed as number nine on the 49ers roster. The number nine was vacated by quarterback Aaron Garcia who was cut by the 49ers earlier this off-season. The number is one greater than what he wore in Chicago and Miami, as the number eight with the 49ers is put aside for possible retirement, ever since Steve Young stepped down.

It’s likely that as the 49ers trim down the roster, McNown will double his number to eighteen, his college number. Eighteen is currently manned by James Jordan at wide receiver, and he is a long shot to make the team.

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