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49ers Begin Cap Savings
February 28th 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Although the 49ers have not made any official announcements yet, 49ers Paradise has learned of some of the methods the 49ers have used for cap savings (though this report remains unconfirmed for the moment). Particullarly the team has worked with Derrick Deese, Bryant Young, Derek Smith, and Dave Fiore.

Derrick Deese has reduced his contract figure from $1.5 million to $525 000. It is unclear at this point if anything was done to the later years of his contract.

Bryant Young has reduced his base contract from $2.5 million to $650 000, adding two years to the contract that now ends in 2008. The final years of the contract are worth $2.25 million each.

Derek Smith lowerd his base salary from $1 million to $525 000 for the 2002 season.

Dave Fiore who was not originally mentioned as being targetted for a contract restructure, has apparently reduced his salary from $900 000 to $525 000 for the 2002 season.

Although these moves are unconfirmed for the moment they are believed to be some of the methods the 49ers chose to get under the salary cap. It is a safe assumption that the majority of the differences in salary were converted into signing bonusses, but could also have been made into incentives.

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