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Looking Under The Cap
March 6th 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
In continued efforts to figure out all of the moves on how the 49ers got under the salary cap, 49ers Paradise has learned some intersting information about the status of Junior Bryant and Scott Gragg. Both players as previously reported agreed to restructured deals last week.

Junior Bryant, who may retire from the team due to a career threatening injury sufferred last season. Bryant reduced his base contract from $1.75 million to $650 000 for 2002. His 2003 salary was reduced in base from $2 million to $655 000 - but he may very well be cut long before then.

Scott Gragg lowered his 2002 salary cap figure from $1.5 million in base to $650 000, adding two years to his contract that now extend to 2007 and 2008. The final two years of his contract are worth $3.8 mil each. Grag's extension leads me to believe the 49ers will be using him and Newberry to build the offensive line around for the future.

The news on these two players is odd because it virtually spells out their futures or lack there of with the team. It also shows that the 49ers are trying to lock up some of their players for the future to help keep a core group of players around to build around.

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