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Another Call For A Stadium
April 8 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Isn't it about time the 49ers got a new home. It seems so long ago now that Eddie Debartlo worked with Mayor Willy Brown to secure the new stadium, funding for it. The process even past a referendum. And then of course, Eddie was indicted, his sister took over the club, a new President was named, so on and so forth - leaving the need and possibilities for a new stadium rather bleak.

I visited 3Com or Candlestick - whatever your preference this past season. I got to see the Eagles get stopped seven times on the 49ers gold mine. The stadium roared, it was definitely deafening and the 12th man in this case, had to have helped. Any time a stadium is designed to get loud, things are good, but certainly fans shouldn't feel the ground rumble (litterally) and see the seats shake with no earthquake present. It was at that point, standing among the tens of thousands of fellow 49ers fans, that it occurred to me more than ever - the 49ers need a new stadium.

Team needs aside, it would be great to be able to walk though the football stadium at half time without getting trampled. To stop at a concession stand and not be in line for a washroom (don't even get me started) at the same time. It would be nice to be able to sit without getting too cozy with those sitting next to you. There are millions of more conveniences that would come to the fans with a modern stadium. I've experienced such conveniences in other stadiums across North America, for football, hockey, basketball and baseball - next to the former Brown's stadium, I'd have to say the 'Stick was the most delapitated.

New stadiums are expensive, they are big, they don't have the same nostalgia and they usually come with more traffic and less parking in the surrounding area - but a new stadium would also be the 49ers best off-season acquisition. Consider new training facilities, larger locker rooms for the players. A field with a drainage system. It would be a safer, better place to play. And don't think the players don't realize it.

A nice, new stadium is a selling point in bringing some key players to a team. Players, like any worker want to work in an enjoyable situation. The 49ers are a class organization, and that has helped bring in said players for many years. Imagine what a class organization could do with a class stadium. It's time to shell out the dough, do what's best for the players, the fans and the city. Build a new stadium, add a mall if you have to, but stop the delay and let's get to work already.

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