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Mark Your Calendar
August 28 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers are hoping to contend for a Super Bowl title this season, along the road they will play in some pivotal match ups. Mark these dates on your calendar, for action you wonít want to miss.

September 5th - NY Giants
The 49ers will kickoff the season in New York on the first ever Thursday night NFL Opener. The 49ers will finally unveil more than a vanilla offense and defense. The week is going to be packed with festivities including a concert in Times Square featuring Jon Bon Jovi. Jeff Garcia will be in attendance.

September 15th - Denver
The 49ers home opener. The team never likes to lose at home. The Broncos are on their way back up to the top of the NFL, this will be a great indicator of how far the 49ers have come since last season.

Ocober 6th - St. Louis
Any time the 49ers play the Rams itís a big week for both teams. The NFC West rivalry lives on. Expect big things from both sides in this game. The 49ers will be coming off their bye week, and Jeff Ulbrich should be returning from injury.

October 14th and 27th - Seattle and Arizona
The 49ers will welcome both these teams to the NFC West to begin their new rivalries. Mike Holmgren, the Seahawk coach is very familiar with the 49ers, and never plays them easy. Arizona should bring a real test for the 49ers defense.

November 25th - Philadelphia
Last seasonís game against the Eagles may have been the most thrilling of the season. The 49ers stopped the Eagles from scoring the winning points an astonishing seven times from the goal line. The Eagles remain a top contender in the NFC West and will be seeking revenge visiting San Francisco for the second time in as many years.

December 8th - Dallas
Every time the 49ers play the Cowboys something interesting happens. After the 49ers loss to the Cowboys last year, the team was in a much worse playoff position. The 49ers wonít take the Dallas team as lightly this year.

December 15th - Green Bay
The second strait week of an intense rivalry. The Packers will visit the 49ers for what should be an incredible game. Brett Favre always managed to get the job done against the 49ers, but this year, he will be without his best weapon, Antonio Freeman. There are so many subplots to this game itís hard to mention them allÖ one that canít go unmentioned though, is that Steve Mariucci came to the 49ers from the Packers.

December 30th - St. Louis
The final game of the regular season, the 49ers again play the Rams. This game could very well be played for the NFC West crown, home field advantage and a bye week in the playoffs. But letís not get ahead of ourselves just yetÖ the 49ers will have to play some very good football all season in order to beat the Rams.

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