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So Far, BY Stays Inside
June 19 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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It was in the 49ers final game last season, versus Green Bay in the playoffs, where Bryant Young saw some time as a defensive end. Known as one of the best defensive tackles in the game, Young did a good job in emergency duty as the teams end. As the game, and the 49ers season round down, the team couldn’t help but think that in 2002, Young could see even more time at defensive end. It now appears that the talk of moving Young outside was just that, talk.

Despite Young fairing well at the position, the 49ers signing of Sean Moran, as well as having a healthy Okeafor, Carter and Engelberger has virtually eliminated the chances of Young playing end. The 49ers are quite confident in their current set of ends, and thus Bryant Young will continue to play where he plays best: defensive tackle.

Young is quite quick and agile for a man his size. But at defensive end, his speed would be nothing to boast about. His ability to beat a defender inside with his leverage, techniques and inside speed are what make him great, he would not have that same advantage at end.

We’ve all seen Young attempt the end position prior to last season. Those of us, who remember it, remain unimpressed. Yes he’s adequate for the position, but unless the 49ers are forced into a situation where they have to move BY, they won’t. Proof of that is that through all three mini-camps this off-season Young did not take any noticeable time at the end position. The 49ers have obviously rethought their initial impression, and I for one, am thrilled that Young will be staying inside.

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