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Bye Week Roster Moves
September 25 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Faced with a slew of injuries, the 49ers had to make a few roster moves this Tuesday. Particularly in shoring up an ailing group of linebackers that includes an injured Jamie Winborn and a hobbled Julian Peterson. The team is expected to make a move for an additional offensive lineman too, to make up for the loss of Dave Fiore.

The 49ers added Brandon Moore to their roster. Moore was on the team after the 53-man cut but was later released as the 49ers continued to shuffle their roster. Moore had a very promising pre-season.

To make room for the linebacker, the 49ers released rookie tight end Mark Anelli. The sixth round pick has been inactive for all three of the 49ers regular season games.

The team also worked out seven players, including three offensive lineman. The guards included Brad Bedell, Corey Hulsey, and Brandon Ludwig. None of the three have significant time in the NFL. Also working out were punters Craig Jarrett and Jay Taylor further emphasizing the 49ers discontent with the positionl. Aaron Lockett and Lenzie Jackson, two punt returners also tried out for the team.

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