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Bye Week Handy For Ulbrich
August 28 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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When the 49ers schedule came out, and I say that they had a bye week in the fourth week of the regular season, I thought: “Oh great, another early bye”. But with the team as banged up as they currently are, the bye week may actually come at the perfect time.

The 49ers play the Rams immediately after their break from action, and so having as many players healthy as possible. One player who will likely benefit from the break in action is Jeff Ulbrich. Ulbrich was injured in Saturday night’s game, and is expected to miss between three and six weeks. If he needs the entire time to recover, he will be ready to return for the Rams game.

While it’s never easy to beat the Rams, it’s much harder to do without your entire team present. The 49ers will have an entire two weeks to get players healthy and ready for this game. An early bye week appears to be in the 49ers best interest this season.

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