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Back To Work
October 1 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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On Monday the 49ers went back to work, and began preparing for a surprising St. Louis Ramsí team. The 49ers have been off since Tuesday, when the team departed for their bye week. Before leaving, Steve Mariucci and his staff ran through game plan that they will begin implementing this week - designed to finally defeat the Rams.

In returning to work there are a few particular areas that the 49ers will work on. The teamís top priority is to get healthy, and replace the players that are injured with adequate backups. This of course will be a daunting task considering the current state of health of the team.

The team will likely address how they intend to handle all of the offensive threats that the Rams have on offense. The team will implement a game plan designed to stop one of the most potent offenses in the league, on a team that is a hungry 0-4.

The team will also try and get its offense back on track. By that I mean getting their running game started, getting Terrell Owens to concentrate on catching the ball, getting all of their offensive weapons involved in the offense, and of course, getting Jeff Garcia to be patient enough in the pocket to throw the ball to his receivers.

The 49ers canít afford to be over confident in this game. With the Rams stumbling, one would think this game will be a walk in the park. In my opinion though, an 0-4 Rams team, even without their starting quarterback, is more scary than a 3-1 Rams team. The Rams are a good team, and now they a re hungry. The 49ers are an ok team, with a lucky 2-1 record. They are not good enough to be over confident about this game.

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