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Young Hoping Sacks Come In Bunches
November 1 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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There’s an old saying in football, that sacks come in bunches. Defensive tackle Bryant Young, is certainly hoping that there is some truth to that expression. Young is known for being one of the best defensive tackles in the league. However with his play apparently declining this season, people have begun to question whether Young is past his prime.

Bryant Young had his first sack of the season in week eight, and with that Young hopes there are more to come. He and fellow defensive tackle Dana Stubblefield have been rather quiet this season, as the team has essentially designed a scheme where they sacrifice themselves to help get Andre Carter and Chike Okeafor to the quarterback. The plan has worked quite well so far.

In making this sacrifice, the two defensive tackles have fallen slightly into the shadows of the team. However their veteran leadership will be key over the next few games, when the 49ers face some of the NFL’s toughest opponents. This week, the team will rely on the two to bottle of Charlie Garner who leads the league in yards per carry, and to help get to Rich Gannon before he can find one his three explosive receiving targets.

Young and Stubblefield were also hoping to have a greater amount of players in the defensive tackle rotations. But with Reggie McGrew cut, and Josh Shaw just beginning to practice again, the two have been given a much greater amount of play time than they anticipated this off-season. The wear and tear on the veterans is certainly hampering their abilities late in the game, and will undoubtedly be a pain later in the season.

Bryant Young could have a big game this week, and that could really elevate the play of the rest of the defense. It may also silence those that believe that Young’s days as a starting defensive tackles will expire sooner rather than later.

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