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Bumps and Bruises
August 21 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers were able to walk away from their Monday Night Football game against the Broncos with a win. More importantly though, the team escaped with only a few minor injuries, which is good news having lost so many players to injury this summer already.

The injury list included Vinny Sutherland who pulled his hamstring and is doubtful for Saturday’s game against the Raiders.

Probably for the game are linebacker Saleem Rasheed with a ‘stinger’ in his thigh, tight end Justin Swift who has an aggravated left him, and defensive end Jerome Davis who aggravated his back.

The 49ers will miss John Engelberger who has emergency surgery to remove his appendix for the remainder of pre-season. Chike Okeafor will continue taking his place, but the 49ers may want to give Sean Moran a shot at starting in one of the pre-season games.

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