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49ers Need Running Game To Show Face
January 8th 2003
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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One of the biggest challenges the 49ers will face this weekend is getting their running game going. Running backs Kevan Barlow and Garrison Hearst were limited to no significant gains this past weekend against the Giants. The Bucs defense is far superior and the 49ers canít afford to become one dimensional as they did in their first round playoff victory.

The 49ers will have to depend on the run to keep the aggressive and speedy Tampa Bay defense guessing as to what play the team will run. In order to do this they will depend highly on the offensive lines ability to stand up against a powerful defensive line that has hurt the 49ers in the past.

The team will also need fullback Fred Beasley to bring his ĎAí game. Beasley was not only lacking in the run blocking department in the Giant victory, but was also ineffective in the short yardage situations.

The 49ers will need some big plays from their running backs to slow down the Bucs defense. Look for lots of screen passes and draw plays to counteract the blitz. If the 49ers can not get their run game going, it may not matter how good Garcia and Owens are.

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