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Bronson A No Go
September 18 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers have determined that Zack Bronsonís sprained shoulder will in all likelihood keep him out of the teamís third game of the season, against the Redskins. Bronson suffered the injury while playing against the Broncos, and had to leave the game. Ronnie Heard, the 49ers third safety took his place.

With Bronson out of the game, the 49ers were left scrambling for a safety. Part of what the team gave up to keep two place kickers, was the ability to keep a fourth safety in Chad Cota. The 49ers released Cota who was then picked up by the Rams.

Needing a safety for depth the 49ers signed safety Jason Moore who was with the Dolphins in training camp this summer. Moore is a former 49er, and was on the roster in 2000 - but isnít nearly the player Cota is. Moore may not even be the immediate backup at safety, as the 49ers may shift Rashad Holman over to the position from defensive back, before they put Moore in the game. Holman is the teamís fourth defensive back. Should that be the case Jimmy Williams will likely see some time at cornerback.

To make room for Moore, the 49ers released defensive tackle Garret Johnson. Johnson was not active for any of the 49ers games. The team is still looking at bringing in a fourth defensive tackle, and should consider bringing a guy like with size to the team.

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