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Bronson Durable
September 21 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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After leaving the 49ers second game of the season, it appeared that Zack Bronsonís shoulder was in pretty bad shape. Less than a week later, Bronson has gone from doubtful to probable on the teamís injury report. Bronsonís improved status gives him a 75% chance of playing in the teamís final game before their bye week.

Bronson managed to stay healthy for all of last season, playing a very big role as the teams starting safety. His ability to suit up for every game allowed him to tie for the team lead in interceptions at seven with cornerback Ahmed Plummer. He wants to duplicate those numbers this season.

The 49ers added safety Jason Moore to their roster this week, in the even that Bronson was not active for the game. The move however appears to be unnecessary now, but it does show just how little depth the 49ers have at safety. If Bronson can indeed play this Sunday, as the 49ers expect him to, it will be of much relief to the coaching staff.

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