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Bronson Improves
September 19 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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49ers free safety Zack Bronson has had his status improved from doubtful to questionable for this Sundayís Game. Bronson sprained the AC joint in his shoulder this past week, forcing the 49ers to add another safety to their roster in Jason Moore.

There is little the 49ers would like more than to have Bronson play this weekend. The team is quite thin at safety, after choosing to keep an extra kicker, running back and linebacker instead of going with Chad Cota as a backup safety.

Bronsonís questionable status means that the 49ers believe he has a fifty-percent chance of playing this weekend. If he canít play, the team will look to Ronnie Heard to step into the starting lineup. The team may choose to play Rashad Holman at safety instead of corner instead of playing Moore, if they are forced to.

Bronsonís injury is a much less severe version of the injury that ended Cade McNownís season with the 49ers. Bronson is expected back for the Rams at the absolute latest.

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